Throwing Up - Over You

Over You

Throwing Up

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Throwing Up - Over You

‘Over You’, recorded and self produced in London last year, was mixed by Tim Burgess and Jim Spencer and features eleven tracks including the forthcoming single ‘Medicine’

Meet Throwing Up. Their music is the sound of a kind of sticker book collage of the best of the past and the present, with one eye on the future. There are clues that they're from London and it's 2013 but they could be from anywhere, anytime in the last 30, or even the next 10 years – ‘Over You’ builds a house on these raw foundations. With their whistle at the bus stop hooks and snappy tunes their songs are stripped back, yet so catchy too… it’s Agit pop like we’ve not seen in a while. A little bit of something to shake the mainstream up but happy to be a poster on your bedroom wall too – We love Camille and Clare and we reckon the world will too. We love Throwing Up and they’re what we really need right now!

Throwing Up began early last year when Camille Benett (vocals/guitar) and Clare James Clare (bass/vocals) both formerly of unhinged girl-rage rock quartet Headless teamed up with drummer Andrew Moran. The trio have since built up a great reputation for their explosive live shows which combine the emotional impact of their songs with irreverent delivery and theirs is a sweet spot somewhere between self-awareness and youthful innocence.


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  1. Throwing Up - Red Ribbon
  2. Throwing Up - Big Love
  3. Throwing Up - Snake
  4. Throwing Up - Medicine
  5. Throwing Up - Mother Knows Best
  6. Throwing Up - Sarah
  7. Throwing Up - Gone Again
  8. Throwing Up - Bother You
  9. Throwing Up - Toothache
  10. Throwing Up - Stomach Pain
  11. Throwing Up - When I Touch You